Ways to deter burglars

  1. Secure your doors and windows. In a publication from the U. S. Department of Justice’s Office of Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS), it is said that one-third of home burglaries gain access through an unlocked window or door. Sliding glass doors are especially vulnerable without proper locks.
  2. Loud dogs can also often deter burglars; COPS reports that most will avoid houses with dogs. Size does not matter, as the most important deterrent here is that the dog sounds like an alarm with barking.
  3. A home security system is also a noisy deterrent, with the added feature of calling for help should the need arise. By detecting if someone enters your home uninvited, the alarm then can alert the authorities.
  4. Motion sensor lights are a great way to illuminate portions of your property only when needed, such as when someone enters the area.
  5. Protection warning signs offer their benefits as well as their downfalls. While they can share that you have a dog or a security system, they can also create intrigue as to what you have that’s so valuable and worth protecting.
  6. Keeping your yard trimmed and tidy helps to eliminate hiding places for burglars. Untrimmed shrubs and trees offer tempting spots to obscure their entry into your home.
  7. The appearance that you’re home can also be useful in tricking burglars. They tend to know your routine, and any break in that routine–such as when you are on vacation–would indicate an opportunity to enter. Using timers to set your lights, TV, and radio will help create the illusion that you are currently occupying your home.
  8. Helpful neighbors are also key for simulating that you are in your home, as well as keeping up the appearance on the outside of your house. Ask a trusted neighbor to take out your garbage, bring in your mail and newspaper, and to check for any packages at the door.

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